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"Formed in 2006, NTU Breakers strives to build a vibrant community of bboys and bgirls for them to gather and share their passion for bboying. As a club, it is our mission to bring this beautiful dance to the rest of the school and teach budding dancers their first dance steps. The club has performed and competed in various events nationally and internationally.

The project "Breaking Saved My Life", which will be carried out in Nha Trang City, Vietnam in from 5 June - 8 June and HCMC from 9 June -14 June. Five bboys from NTU Breakers (Jiahao, Ryan, Chenghao, David and GC) will be travelling to Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa and HCMC give free breaking classes and interactive sessions in orphanages. With the aid and cooperation of Viet Learning and Community Development Center led by Ms Chau Vu Bao, the 4-day project aims to spread the knowledge of Hip Hop, and the dance itself to young teenagers in Nha Trang. In the future, the project will be extended to other provinces throughout the country and the region.

GC, one of BBoys said that “ it has been an interesting journey with VLCDC ! Thank you, all of you, very much for your support and your enthusiasm ! This project couldn't have been possible without you guys. We did not teach you guys much, instead we learnt a lot from you guys, and from the kids. All of you really touched my heart and changed my attitude. A great lesson we have taken for ourselves. Please really take care, and keep doing what you guys have been enjoying doing the most, keep VLDLC running and keep spreading the love to the less fortunate kids :). I really hope I could stay longer to cherish these rare moments with everyone. We did not expect the project to be so heart-warming...To be honest, I almost cried when the kids hugged me goodbye, and when you guys did the same to us too. Oh well, I did cry when I came back to the hotel room. Much love, much respect. See you all again soon, and surely. ^^

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