About Us
Viet Learning and Community Development Center (VLCDC) is an NGO and a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Association of Consultants in science Technology and Management (HASCON). It offers consultancy, education, HR development as well as community/pro bono services to organizations, private individuals, professionals and businessmen in Vietnam and abroad.
Our slogan: Awaken Values – Strengthen Beliefs
In partnership with Vietnam Living Values
Representative of STEPS4NGOs, the support Youth in Action Program of European Commission in the Central and South Vietnam
1.    To promote best practices in environment protection, youth development and cultural awareness among youth in partnerships with a network of international youth organizations.
2.    To consult and develop school programs and extracurricular activities focusing on hands-on training and teaching based on Blended Training model.
3.    To offer job and career counseling to young students and their parents.
4.    To perform various researches and surveys on health and psychological issues; to consult, coach and introduce programs in the areas of women’s and family health, adolescent reproductive health, mental health for vulnerable groups, health education.
5.    To organize various community services programs
Mission statement: Through education, cooperation, community services, effect practical improvements to difficult conditions for the young generations in Vietnam.

Values: Breakthrough innovation – responsibilities- partnership